Professor Fanuel Tagwira

Fanuel Tagwira was an Endowed Chair Professor of Agronomy at Africa University. He previously served as Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Resources and then Vice Chancellor of Africa University. After retiring from the Vice Chancellor position, Prof Tagwira was a Sabbatical Professor at Purdue University in the United States.

Prof Tagwira is a founding staff member of Africa University. Prior to joining Africa University, Fanuel Tagwira was an Agricultural Scientist and Head of Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition. in the then Ministry of Agriculture. He served the Ministry of Agriculture for 10 years.

Prof Tagwira holds a B.Sc. in Biology and Chemistry from National University of Lesotho, M.Sc. Soil Chemistry from Reading University in England and PhD in Soil Chemistry and Fertility from University of Zimbabwe. He has published several scientific papers in local and international journals and has also published book chapters in soil fertility and environmental science. Prof Tagwira is a Fellow of the Zimbabwe Academy of Sciences, Fellow of the Leadership for Environment and Development and sits on the boards of a number of Local and International Research Organizations. Was the Chair of the Center for Agricultural Research and Development in Southern Africa (CARDESSA) based at SADC headquarters. Is a former board member of the Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa (FARA).

In addition to being an academic leader and researcher, Prof Tagwira cares deeply about: empowerment of the under privileged, the environment and education of Orphaned children from the community. He is a leader in his local church. He is married to Margaret and they have 3 daughters and one son.