To provide legal advice to the Ministry and its stakeholders.

The Department undertakes to: –

  1. Monitor the adherence to all legal instruments governing operation of the Ministry on a monthly basis;
  2. Solicit and coordinate bi and multi-lateral cooperation agreements between the Ministry and relevant organisations and Stats through annual Joint Implementation Committee meetings in line with standard procedure;
  3. To provide sound legal advice to the Ministry and its stakeholders;
  4. To attend to policy formulation in relation to legislation under the Ministry’s jurisdiction;
  5. To examine legal processes and identify issues for court processes;
  6. Drafting various legal documents that will positively impact the overall wellbeing of the Ministry;
  7. To facilitate provision of effective legal representation for the Ministry in national and international matters;
  8. To examine and draft Ministry contracts and advise on the legal implications of such contracts thereof;
  9. To assist in the conduct of disciplinary matters;
  10. Drafting of statutory instruments and Bills;
  11. To attend Court cases with law officers from the A-Gs office on behalf of the Ministry;
  12. To attend Parliament on Bills affecting the Ministry and to advise thereon and Vetting of bilateral agreements, bill and Memoranda of Understanding on behalf of the Ministry.