To coordinate institutional and scientific research development, innovation and commercialisation.

The Department undertakes to:

  1. Coordinate research and implementation of research results of at least two targeted researches every calendar year as approved by the Ministry and guided by national priorities;
  2. Develop science, technology and innovation (STI) indicators and conduct research to determine the level of advancement of STI in all socio-economic sectors once every two years;
  3. Register students for the STEM initiative three times a year in order to encourage  the uptake of STEM subjects ;
  4. Design and implement at least two programs each year that supports STI for a science and technology-driven economy;
  5. Carry out at least one activity per year that promotes prospective young scientists and assist them to participate in national, regional and international events;
  6. Maintain an up-to-date  national database of STI indicators;
  7. Advertise and call for applications for ICF funding once a year
  8. Receive and select suitable projects for funding under ICF within two months of receipt;
  9. Produce quarterly reports on new and existing R&D and commercialisation projects funded under ICF;
  10. Organise STI exhibitions at national events i.e. Harare Agricultural Show, Zimbabwe International Trade Fair every year;