To co-ordinate, execute and monitor UNESCO’s programmes in Education, Sciences, Culture, Communication and Information for the promotion of activities that contribute towards peaceful and wellbeing of the society in Zimbabwe.

The Department undertakes to:-

  1. Oversee the implementation and reporting on all UNESCO programmes and activities;
  2. Coordinate, supervise and prepare reports on the implementation of UNESCO funded programmes consistent with stated timeframes and timelines contained in the contracts;
  3. Mobilise financial, human, material and technical resources to support governmental and non- governmental organizations, professional associations, research centres and institutions, civil society organizations and individuals;
  4. Coordinate the registration of UNESCO Associated  Schools, Clubs and Associations’ Project  Network within 14 days of receipt;
  5. Compile, coordinate and disseminate nationwide calendar of events containing information on UNESCO training programmes, fellowships,  conferences, seminars and workshops within 7 days of receipt;
  6. Conduct capacity building programmes once every quarter and prepare and disseminate reports on outcomes within 30 days of each programme;
  7. Process requests for funding under the Regular UNESCO Budget  within 7 days of receipt; and
  8. Receive and process UNESCO Participation Project Proposals by 31 December of each year.