Provide and manage human capital requirements for the Ministry

The Department undertakes to:-

  1. Provide human capital planning for the Ministry;
  2. Facilitate recruitment of suitable personnel within a month from date of request by the department/institution;
  3. Maintain harmonious Industrial relations through handling employee grievances within a  month after receiving such issues;
  4. Coordinate  quarterly training sessions and manpower development of members in order to improve their performance and competences;
  5. Raise awareness on HIV/AIDS at the workplace in order to maintain a healthy staff compliment;
  6. Monitor and evaluate implementation of performance management quarterly;
  7. Advise the Secretary, Directors and Line Managers on human capital issues daily;
  8. Formulate the yearly budget for salaries, allowances and training for the Ministry by October of each year;
  9. Manage the Ministry’s wage bill monthly;
  10. Handle salaries queries within five days of receipt;
  11. Maintain staff discipline through education, awareness, counselling and punishment where necessary within ninety days; and
  12. Handle staff welfare issues as they arise.