To provide Financial and Administrative support to the Ministry.

The Department undertakes to:-

  1. Coordinate the compilation of the Ministry’s financial budgetary requirements, within seven days of receipt of the Treasury Call Circular ;
  2. Monitor the implementation of  the Ministry’s budget on a monthly basis;
  3. Submit all returns by the 7th day of the following month;
  4. Purchase and distribute goods and services within fourteen days of receipt of the request;
  5. Process payment for claims e.g. travel and subsistence and cadetship within a week of receipt of the claim;
  6. Conduct physical check of all Ministry’s assets at least once per year-  by 31 December;
  7. Provide transport, for staff, on a daily basis, and on request;
  8. Prepare, publish and disseminate monthly progress reports for all capital projects;
  9. Coordinate the compilation of the Ministry’s capital budget by 31 October of each year;
  10. Monitor on a monthly basis the implementation of capital projects in