To develop policies and Science and Technology – led programmes for human capital development in tertiary education institutions.

The Department undertakes to:-

a) Promote efficient management of training programmes in tertiary education institutions;

b) Improve efficiency and quality in human capital development through visits once every term;

c) To improve institutional governance through capacity building of staff and students by conducting at least two seminars/workshops per year;

d) Stimulate policy dialogue to address current and emerging issues in tertiary education through termly meetings for principals of colleges;

e) Stimulate research and innovation in institutions through research conferences once per year;

f) Promote gender equality and equity in institutions through student  enrolment process once per term;

g) Strengthen the capacity to design, plan and manage tertiary education in a rapidly changing world through dissemination of termly administrative circulars;

h) Disseminate knowledge about the modern forms, methods and role of ICTs in tertiary institutions through termly visits;

i) Promote Research, Science and Technology Development and Innovation in tertiary education for industrialization and modernization;

j) Strengthen partnerships such as twining arrangements with other relevant organisations at least two (2) PPPs per institution per year;

k) Facilitate, monitor and evaluate training programmes through analysis of implementation of policies;

l) Evaluate the recruitment and selection of students for entry into institutions to ensure efficiency and transparency through termly returns for each institution;

m) Increase HIV and AIDS awareness and prevention and life skills education in institutions; conduct at least one workshop per institution per term;

n) Promote culture, sport and recreation in tertiary education institutions; and

o) Mobilize resources for the provision of adequate and up to date training facilities, equipment and machinery for competent and skilled human capital from tertiary education institutions by 31 December of each year.