Geospatial, Aeronautical and Space Science Capability Programme

Geospatial, Aeronautical and Space Science Capability Programme; (addressing Policy 2.8)

The Zimbabwe National Geospatial and Space Agency (ZINGSA) was established on 26 July 2018. ZINGSA shall implement any geospatial space programme in line with the policy determined in terms of the Research Act [Chapter 10:22].


  1. Operationalise administrative framework of ZINGSA;
  2. Implement Research on fertiliser requirements for different soil types;
  3. Revise Agro-Ecological Zones; 
  4. Develop geological minerals map focusing on lithium and graphite;
  5. Produce Solar potential map for Zimbabwe;
  6. Develop malaria prevalence map for Zimbabwe;
  7. Develop bilharzia prevalence map for Zimbabwe;
  8. Develop Geodatabases for farms.

Progress to date

  • In talks with local and International partners to develop collaborative and operations framework;

  • ZINGSA was advanced US$10million by the Ministry of Finance to implement Geospatial Capability programmes; specifically, Geospatial Capability for mapping A1 and A2 farms through satellite imagery to facilitate issuance of 99-year leases and A1 Settlement Permits in Zimbabwe.