Adoption and development of Life Technologies programme

Adoption and development of Life Technologies programme; (addressing policy 2.8)

In this programme Genomic Technologies will be used to address national health delivery challenges in the safe and effective treatment of HIV, new-born screening for inherited diseases, forensic DNA for crime investigation, justice and national security as well as applied in research in cattle reproductive technologies for the improvement and restocking of national herd. The Cattle Reproductive Technologies Research Programme will significantly contribute to national food security and enhancing the country’s regional and international competitiveness in beef production through increasing the use of cattle reproductive technologies that will improve national cattle breeds and aid the restocking of the national herd.


  1. Conduct biotechnology research projects to increase national herd;
  2. Deploy HIV drug resistance testing technology;
  3. Develop National DNA databank;
  4. Application of science and technology to improve health and justice delivery systems in Zimbabwe.

Progress to date

  • Teams have been set up and are working on specific key result areas;

  • Automation of processing