High Performance Computing Programme (HPC)

High-Performance Computing Programme (HPC); (addressing policy 2.8)

The High-Performance Computing (HPC) Programme seeks to significantly contribute to economic development of the country through the use of Higher Performance Computing Technologies in solving problems and deriving benefits from opportunities existing in the economic sectors of the country. The Ministry is expanding the current HPC capacity by six-fold in order to support economic development programmes through, among the many possible interventions that the HPC can make, science and technology research, agricultural and mining research, manufacturing aided engineering, weather and climate predictions and forecasting, life sciences, defence and security, financial modelling, and running government programmes. Zimbabwe can leapfrog development through leveraging on the high-end research capabilities in its economic sectors that are aided by the HPC to facilitate tangible economic benefits. All the leading global modern economies leverage on HPC to derive high-tech solutions in resource exploration and exploitation, goods manufacturing, offering high-tech services to their people, agriculture and health domain.


  1. Enhance HPC capacity from 36 Tera-Flops to 200 Tera Flops;
  2. Streamline HPC research programmes

Progress to date

  • Construction of building to house second phase of HPC finished;

  • Procurement processes for enhancing HPC capacity in progress.