Science and Technology SPV Programmes

Science and Technology SPV Programmes; (addressing policy 2.9)

The programme focuses on providing the country with alternative forms of sustainable energy through carrying out research and development work on alternative sources of liquid fuels, focusing mainly on abundant local resources such as coal and coal bed methane gas. The programme seeks to substitute the importation of liquid fuels, industrial and medical gases as well as fertiliser by designing, constructing and running a plant of the Coal-to-Fuels process and a Coal to Fertiliser plant. The country will realise an annual saving of US$1.4 Billion on liquid fuels and allied petroleum products through import substitution on completion of the plant that will target production of 8 million litres/day liquid fuels and allied petroleum products. The programme seeks to secure guaranteed security of local supply of fuel, which is not subjected to international price turbulences, and effect of wars in the fuel source markets. In addition, the programme also seeks to use the local iron ore resources to produce steel, which is in demand on the local and international markets.


  1. Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) arrangements;
  2. Production of Coal to Fuels;
  3. Production of Coal to Fertiliser;
  4. Production and medical and industrial gases;
  5. Manufacture of steel;
  6. Conduct Research in biofuels including a wide range of pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals.

Progress to date

  • Team went to China to conduct EPC;

  • Secured funding to the tune of US$5.25billion for the Coal to Fuels programme;

  • Meetings with other Investors interested in Coal technologies and steel manufacturing held and MOUs in place.