Capacitating Teachers in the teaching of Science

Capacitating Teachers in the teaching of Science; (addressing policy 2.3)

The objective is to capacitate at least 1000 science graduates with teaching pedagogy and methodologies and equip 10 Science laboratories in 200 days. Currently, the ministry produces an average of 700 Science teachers per year. The nation would require an excess of 5 000-science teachers in the next five years. To meet this target, there is need to introduce secondary school Science courses in some of the primary teacher’s colleges that have infrastructure and resources to cater for secondary teacher education in sciences. The secondary teacher’s colleges would require additional infrastructure and resources to increase enrolments in Science subjects, hence the need to engage the primary teacher’s colleges. The identified primary teacher’s colleges are expected to enrol an additional 300 students to cater for the deficit. It is against this background that there is need to introduce secondary school teacher courses in primary teacher’s colleges to increase the number of students in teacher’s colleges that should train in the teaching of Science and mathematics.


  1. Establish all-encompassing teaching and learning facilities including state of the art science laboratories in Higher and Tertiary Education Institutions, particularly in marginalised and disadvantaged communities;
  2. Identify collaborative PPPs to support the programme;
  3. Design a comprehensive Graduate Diploma in Education programme for science graduates.
  4. Facilitate recruitment of additional Science and Maths lecturers for the programme.

Progress to date

    • JM Nkomo Polytechnic, Mkoba and Masvingo Teachers’ Colleges were upgraded to offer secondary school teachers diploma in science;

    • Graduate Diploma in Education programme for science graduates were designed.

  • Enrolment of students for the programme was completed and the programme started in May 2018.

  • Request for additional staff in Science and Mathematics was approved by the PSC and is awaiting treasury concurrence for implementation.