Operationalising the Zimbabwe National Qualifications Framework (ZNQF)

Operationalising the Zimbabwe National Qualifications Framework (ZNQF);(addressing policy 2.5)

The MHTE-STD has developed a harmonised and standardised National Qualifications Framework programme that meets Regional and International standards. The ZNQF facilitates establishment of the National Qualifications Authority. The Zimbabwe National Qualifications Framework represents a national effort at integrating education into a unified structure with clear pathways. The ZNQF will facilitate the transfer of credits and free movement of learners between various institutions within or outside Zimbabwe through vertical as well as horizontal progression pathways. Vertical Progression shall allow Recognition of Prior Learning, which eliminates unnecessary repetition and duplication of material familiar to the students. Horizontal comparability of education and training qualifications shall align all qualifications through the development of Minimum Bodies of Knowledge (MBKs), for all qualifications. The ZNQF makes Minimum Bodies of Knowledge, Qualification Standards and Skills Proficiency Schedules mandatory for all qualifications across the educational sectors in Zimbabwe as applicable, all done in consultation with subject/programme/trade panels.


  1. Establish Subject Councils through ZIMCHE;
  2. Registration of the Zimbabwe NQF on the SADC RQF
  3. National Alignment Committee (NAC) commissioning.
  4. Train NAC and Quality Assurance members;
  5. Vocational Training Centres to fall under MHTESD;
  6. Develop Qualification standards for Vocational Training Centres and Industrial Training Colleges.

Progress to date

  • Nominations for National Alignment Committee done;

  • NQF implementation log frame in place.