Administration and Finance


Initiating tender procedures
Responding to audit queries: internal & external
Compiles the Ministry's recurrent expenditure estimates (including donor finance).
Controls funds voted by Parliament to this Ministry.
Supervises the collection of revenue flowing to and out of institutions and depositing it with the Exchequer.
Submits bi-annual financial returns to the Comptroller and Auditor General's Office.
Ensures that funds are utilised by institutions as per Treasury and Accounting Officer's Instructions.
Drafts and updates Accounting Officer's instructions and participation in the stipulation of fees and charges.
Processing of virements
Certifying vouchers and invoices for payment

Buildings & Public Sector Investment Programme Functions

Plans the development of training institutions
Coordinates the development of programmes and projects for implementation at institutional level
Plans for the provision of physical facilities and major equipment at institutions, under the PSIP.